Queue Management System

There is a line of people awaiting services or products. When you hear the term Queue, the words that spring to your mind are annoyance, lots of people waste of time and waste of money. To improve this term image, a set of principles used to control the flow of customer and streamlining the Queuing experience. This operation is called Queue management. Keylife Electronics establishment progress a set of Queue management solutions.

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IoT Solutions

Our IoT solutions are focused on empowering businesses to connect and scale efficiently by capitalizing on the value of technology to achieve targeted business outcomes without delay. Leverage on our IoT solutions to lower risk and realize faster time-to-value. Our IoT solutions enable companies to spear through the competition and succeed by Smoothly transforming business processes, operational models.

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Digital Signage System

Today, consumers seek experiences that are modern, personalized, and memorable with speed and convenience. This is what our digital signage solutions focus on. Utilizing the latest in technology to showcase content such as plasma display, LED, and LCD, our interactive and eye-catching digital signage solutions with striking graphics are bound to increase customer engagement and transform their experience with your business.

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Data Logger

We offer a next-generation and user-friendly data logger system that monitors sensors efficiently and with precision. This device is an excellent choice for collecting and recording information and data from around your production process. From live monitoring to the modern and easy-to-navigate dashboard and alarms to keep you updated and alert, our cutting-edge data logger keeps you abreast with your production process.

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We are a customer-focused engineering company that works relentlessly to provide our customers with cutting-edge hardware and software products and services according to their business needs and requirements. We strive to create systems that can be used across industries to deliver excellent customer experiences and improving overall business efficiency, performance and profitability. Our work ethics, professionalism and result-driven engineering solutions have earned us the trust and respect of our customers.


Keylife electronics establishment is an institution founded in 2015 by Eng. Abdulmoati Al-Hashem, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering.
The Foundation started its journey by designing and manufacturing a complete integrated Queue management system, and this system was Jordanian factory.This establishment excels in manufacturing the data logger, which was considered a personal achievement by Eng. AbdulMoaty Al-Hashem. Shortly after that, the Foundation had solutions in the field of digital signage.

Keylife electronics establishment is an institution founded in 2015 by Eng. Abdulmoati Al-Hashem, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering.

After five years of continuous
work, development and achievement, Keylife electronics obtained a Queue management system which has witnessed a very wide spread in Jordan, where Keylife electronics has more than 70 systems distributed throughout the Kingdom and on different clients, and because of the rapid progress that the world is witnessing in the field of Internet of things The data logger did not witness a wide spread, as happened in the Queue management system, But the organization was able to upgrade the system to be its first product in the Internet of Things, and today it has many products in the field of Internet of Things.As for the digital signage system, there was a good spread of this system in the form of accompaniment to the Queue management system,for displaying advertisements and others, or separately, such as the municipality’s Sahab screens.As for the scoreboard, Prince Hamzah Sports Hall in the Sports City attests to our competence and ability.

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